Oh, Fishing blog... How I have forgotten you.

Welp, its been over a year since the last REAL content has been uploaded to this blog. So heres whats happening now..

Fishing has been on the backburner for most of us. God, marriage, family and work has dedicated most of my time. ( Jozee ) So the time for uploading quality content and actually making content just has not been there. Now thats not bad though, mainly because you can tell that I am a actual human being. We all still have the love for fishing and within a few more weeks I will have a few new posts to make with vary new locations.

Now if you like my style.. ( or lack of )  and could be interested in reading about the ministry work that I am called to do you can also follow me on my other blog here: http://semi-anonymouschristian.blogspot.com/2015/04/awkward-1-post.html?m=1

If not, thats cool and stick around for some more fishing posts soon!

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