Ice breaker 2, the Y at Creekside

Ok, yes I know that the water outs cold.. I know that there it's a super high water level but darn-it I want to fish.. ok!

So out has been a long time sence I went to the Y. If you actually read the blog, you may just remember that we have been here before. It's been a long time though.. I saw my first longnosed Garr here. I love that fish, I want one so bad just for the fact that I could look at one up close then. Seriously, it's my dram catch.

Report: child water with the addition of high water flow from Hoover makes the fishy not want to come out and play with me. Or I just did not give them enough time. Probably a little bit of both.

Used: plain old rubber worm with a spinner trail. Purple was the color.

Jozee - out

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