4th Trip to Woodside Green South - 7.14.11

Well with Jozee at the beach, oh poor me, Cody and I decided to head back up to our blue gill honey hole.  No live bait with us and we decide to fish again for bass.  We know, noon is not a favorable time to catch bass..  We started any way.  I was able to get a hit on a black worm with a chartreuse tail.  After casting to the same spot several more times, with out getting another bite, I figured the hit was just a blue gill playing with the tail.  I switched to a gold fleck speckled crawdad and didn't get a bite.  Not much time, with about 40-45 mins to fish, to change baits and fish them enough to find out what color they want on that particular day. Cody started the day with a beetle spin with a chartreuse colored grub and was able to catch a tree, literally.  However the tree was not in the water..  The ducks pictured below followed me all over the pond, not sure why other than people probably feed them.  I did think about trying to catch one for supper but they just looked a bit small, not to mention ducks are out of season.

Woodside Green South Location


Fishing Friendship Park 7/11/11 and 7/12/11


I went to Friendship Park in Gahanna both today and yesterday and fished by my lonesome.  Both Jeff and Jozee are out of town, but I didn't let that stop me from getting out a catching fish.  Yesterday I first tried using a Texas rigged fake worm, to no avail.  As soon as I switched to a jig spinner I caught a small sunfish, followed by what I believe to be a rock bass.  Today I only used the jig spinner and only caught one rock bass if my first guess was correct.  I also took my catfish pole with me and used Wheaties balls yesterday and catfish blood balls today, not a bite.  I am not sure why I bother taking the catfish pole, I haven't caught anything with it yet.  Anyway, I blame the poor results on the time of day, the only chance we get to go out is at lunch, and it has been 90+ the last two days.  Maybe when it cools off later this week the fish will bite a bit more.


I wish that I could say that I am missing fishing with the Three Amigos this week but...Well I am not. I am down in Myrtle Beach with my family and am loving it. Maybe I will be able to throw in my pole somewere..but I dont know.

With work travels, I am definitely missing fishing! Next week isn't looking good for me either as I will be traveling some more..  Have to work to afford to fish!! :-(


I'm On a BOAT!


Over the weekend of the 4th I got us a boat! Not a big one, not a tiny tiny one man boat.. but one just right. (Well maybe not for all of us at once) but a boat. So in the never-ending quest of Manlyhood, can I just leave it alone? NOPE. Sense I got it home I have been thinking on how to make it better for what we are planning to use it for.

Question #1.. Should it have an electric or gas motor? There are pluses and minus to both, but for the time being I am thinking we will go with the Electric motor..Why?? I have found a few on Craigslist for 50.00 to 100.00 to me that’s not bad. It will get us around Hopefully.

Question #2.. Seating? Well this one is now answered yet. Nowhere near answered yet. I am looking at a few small boat forums to get some ideas, so far I am thinking about adding a piece of plywood in the back as a battery cover and seat for my fat butt.

Question #3.. Name? Done El Quapo get it? No maybe you need to watch the Three Amigos again..

Question #4.. Do you think we will get more fish? Only time will tell.. 


Woodside Green South *Bass Time* 7.6.11


 Jozee- I was trying to catfish hunt today..nothing. I posted earlier today about how to make cut-bait and was trying to get a little bluegill to bite on the rubber worm to no avail..almost a waste of time..but any time fishing is a good time.. And look cody found some dirty undies.....nasty O yea Jeff got a nice bass.. we knew that you could find them in this pond it just took a long time to finally get one... Here are our other trips to the Green:

Catfish Hunters! Tips for cut bait

I ran across this forum thread while I was looking for the best bait to use on cat's. It is not any of our posts but seem's like I will be trying out some new bait soon..



Fishing Scioto Park 7/4/11


After fishing on Sunday Alex caught the fishing bug and wanted to go again on Monday while I was still off of work.  We headed down to Scioto Park in Dublin.  This is a nice little park right on the river with several different areas along the bank to fish from.  They also have a nice playground area for the children and a covered area you can rent out for parties, there also appeared to be a small acoustic stage for a band or play.  Anyway back to the fishing, I set Alex up with a bobber and worm and he was able to catch a couple bass.  I am not very good with the different species yet, but I believe one was a rock bass and the other was a smallmouth.  I set out a blood ball for catfish and a Texas rigged worm for bass.  I didn't get a bite on the blood ball but was able to bring in one smallmouth on the fake worm -about 12-14".  I will definitely be heading back to the Scioto for more fishing, however I don't think it is the best spot for younger children, Alex got restless rather quickly due to the lack of bites.  Also I think a pond/lake that doesn't have a current would be better for him. 

Location: http://tiny.cc/2rr97

Fishing Sunbury- 7/3/11


I took Alex and the rest of the family up to the above ground reservoir in Sunbury last weekend.  There are two big reservoirs there and plenty of fish.  Unfortunately there is no shade anywhere on the premises.  We went around noon and had a nice picnic lunch them did some fishing.  We caught several small bluegill in a very short amount of time.  I threw out several different colors of spinner bait and a few plastic worms and never got a single bite.  I am told that there are bass, trout, catfish, crappie, and bluegill in the reservoir but we only saw the bluegill.  This seems to be a great place to take the young children, but I do not recommend going on hot sunny days due to the lack of shade trees.  We fished until everyone was hot, sweaty and cranky, then we decided it was time to head home.  If you live in the Sunbury area check it out in the mornings or evenings as there seemed to be plenty of fish.  However if I remember correctly the sign said they were only open from dawn to dusk. 

Location (to the North East IN TOWN): http://tinyurl.com/5s8ukkz

Creekside "Snagging"- 7.5.11


Well, the fishing at Creekside was more like snagging at Creekside today.  Jr. was the first in the water and got hung up on a tree that was under the water and had to break his line and re-tie.  Cody was fishing to catch a carp, they are pretty big when they come up to the shore line..  Would make for a good fight if we could get one on..  Cody was using wheatie balls, but for some reason once they hit the water they came off.  So Cody spent the hour feeding the carp with no shot at hooking them..  I mean why would they take the hook with all them wheaties floating around down there.  I fished a soft crawl on a hook until it got snagged and had to break the line loose.  I also fished a lipless crank through the rocks with no bites.  All of this in about a half hour to 45 mins.  Then out of know where a yellow lab comes screaming down the river chasing ducks, pretty much shot the last 15 minuets or so we had.  Maybe better luck tomorrow at a different location.


Well no luck for today :( I used a rubber beetle on a hook w/bobber for a while no luck, jumped him/ popped him wo/ a bobber for a while..still no luck. Then a big ol'dog  came out chasing ducks in our fishing spot an scared everything away..


6.30.11 Fishing Hoover Dam Retention Wall, Pier at Hoover Reservoir and Alum Creek State Park

The Three Amigos started out at the retention wall below the Hoover Dam, we aren’t recommending this location as it is pretty dangerous. 

However, Jr’s second cast into the retention pool landed him with a small stripper. 

He was fishing with a minnow lure on a bobber, yes I said on a bobber..  I have personally never heard of this but who am I to question this style as I didn’t catch anything there and neither did Cody.  The real action started on the trip back to the truck.  Did I mention that fishing the retention wall was dangerous??  As you all know, water that continually flows over rocks creates a very slippery surface.  I was the first to step down off the wall onto the large rocks below.  I looked at Jr. and said this is not going to be good.  Two steps and I are on my back, fortunately no real damage to me or fishing gear.  It all happened in slow motion, I stepped with my left foot onto a rock, I picked up my right foot, and my weight shifted and left foot slid off the rock and away we go.  I fell busting my left forearm and hip on a boulder.  Coming to my senses, I see Jr. is standing above me about falling into the retention pool laughing.  When Jr. is able to get words out, after catching his breath from laughing, he yells, “I am not laughing, are you ok?”  This is of course followed by more laughing.  Jr. says I almost crapped my pants man.  No really, I have turtle head poking and it about came out.  And obviously this brought more laughter from Jr.  Jr. says “man you like a turtle on it’s back, I don’t mean to laugh.”   After getting up and discovering that some how nothing was broken, we made our way back to the truck.  We get out of our wet clothes and shoes and head up to the pier on Hoover Reservoir in Galena.  We rig up for catfish, Jr. ties on a treble hook and bobber, Cody ties on a hook and sinker, I do the same.  We are using catfish blood balls.  I am the last one in the water.  We stand around shooting the bull and fishing jigs on different poles for bass.  The bass were all around us just nailing bugs on the top water.  We couldn’t get them to hit anything, floating baits or spinner baits, we tried several things.  I cast out and through to hard creating a rats nest in my line.  Cody is help me to untangle the mess when my other rod about goes over the railing.  Throwing everything down I set the hook on my catfish rig and the fight was on.  After getting the fish in we discovered a 16”-18” channel cat.  Now, we are on a pier several feet above the water and have no bucket.  Jr. wants to keep the cat, we are planning on catching more, so Jr. states that you have to club them on the head to kill them.  Before I know it, Jr. has the catfish on the railing pounding on the head to kill.  I have never seen anyone do this before.  After all the excitement I bait my hook and cast back in.  We sat for another hour to an hour and a half with nothing more than another bite.  We decide to pack up and go to Kroger’s for chicken livers.  Kroger in Big Walnut is only open to 1:00 a.m.  No luck we got there at about 1:15 a.m.  So it’s onto Alum Creek.  We went to the state park entrance just north of Cheshire off of Africa road.  We setup to the south of the parking lot in a nice little cove area.  The fishing are flopping around hitting bugs on the surface.  So we cast there and fish till 3:00 a.m. with no luck at all.  We need to master our catfish fishing skills, one fish in 5 hours just don’t cut it, especially when we know that the local places are full of cats!!  Any pointers, location ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Hoover Dam - Retention wall area location:

Fishing Pier -  Hoover reservoir, Galena location:

Alum Creek State Park - well it turns out we were fishing in a collection pond near the lake..  I guess that's what we get for fishing in the dark..