Oh, Fishing blog... How I have forgotten you.

Welp, its been over a year since the last REAL content has been uploaded to this blog. So heres whats happening now..

Fishing has been on the backburner for most of us. God, marriage, family and work has dedicated most of my time. ( Jozee ) So the time for uploading quality content and actually making content just has not been there. Now thats not bad though, mainly because you can tell that I am a actual human being. We all still have the love for fishing and within a few more weeks I will have a few new posts to make with vary new locations.

Now if you like my style.. ( or lack of )  and could be interested in reading about the ministry work that I am called to do you can also follow me on my other blog here: http://semi-anonymouschristian.blogspot.com/2015/04/awkward-1-post.html?m=1

If not, thats cool and stick around for some more fishing posts soon!


When it's it too early?

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Alright, the question of the year is... When is it time to go fishing in the spring? In 2014 we are having a long winter here in Ohio. Now I am not complaining about the cold cause I ain't built cheap. But it seems like nothing that I am trying to do while fishing is not yielding results. People are out ice fishing. Catching fish.. why not in non frozen water? Crazy fish.

Today's post will probably not answer anything but me just venting. So let's continue

Baits, baits and more baits. I have used everything from an ill jigged crayfish to spinners to frogs and even a fly thingy with nothing. I have not broke out the live baits at all this year because frankly I just don't want to waist the money. So secondary question is.. what baits are good for cold water fishing? But let's remember that I am stream / creek fishing here. All of the ponds that we love to go to are still covered in ice.

Streams, creeks and rivers. Sadly I myself have never had any good luck fishing in any of these. It's a learning process, it's probably the reason that I stated this blog with Jeff and Cody. Good buddies going out fishing together learning what works for each of us and sharing that knowledge. So when you take your kids out it seems like you know what your doing.

Scouting out that perfect spot. New spots this year, we are heading over to licking county this year fishing at buckeye swamp, licking river, Indian mound ponds and the old raccoon creek. Raccoon creek is the watershed that I have been targeting the most while scouring the last few weekends. And I believe that I have found some perfect spots "believe" is totally the key word. So, while out scouting for new spots for some of this years adventures I am trying to just look for them fishies just swiming around. Waters clear ok mostly clear, but I ain't seeing no fishies. And that's what brings me back to that original question.

Well that brings up the question, how do you keep the kids happy while out in the woods? We have started to collected glass bottles. And have found a few awesome ones. Collect something that others found so nessicary to just toss.. clean out up and make memories.


Ice breaker 2, the Y at Creekside

Ok, yes I know that the water outs cold.. I know that there it's a super high water level but darn-it I want to fish.. ok!

So out has been a long time sence I went to the Y. If you actually read the blog, you may just remember that we have been here before. It's been a long time though.. I saw my first longnosed Garr here. I love that fish, I want one so bad just for the fact that I could look at one up close then. Seriously, it's my dram catch.

Report: child water with the addition of high water flow from Hoover makes the fishy not want to come out and play with me. Or I just did not give them enough time. Probably a little bit of both.

Used: plain old rubber worm with a spinner trail. Purple was the color.

Jozee - out